My name is Ken Shane - Coach for the Victor Valley High School Boys Basketball organization. I am here to tell you a little bit about this team and our goals for this season and seasons to come. After a year of no performance, conditioning, or games due to the pandemic, we can truly say we are witnessing so much growth, potential, and greatness from these boys. They proved this by taking 1st in their Summer League division tournament. Their drive is unmatched and they are determined to have a successful season. I and my coaching staff want these boys to have a memorable experience and be able to reach their dreams of, not only playing in, but also winning titles, championships, and so much more. With that being said, sports organizations only have a limited amount of resources for financial assistance. Traveling, uniforms, sports enhancement equipment, team recognition plaques, tournament fees, etc. are some of the biggest financial struggles that we as a team face. We are kindly asking for your support in making a donation (anything is appreciated) towards the VVHS Boys Basketball team. Your generosity has always and will always be appreciated. And if you have time, please come watch a game or two this season. Let's give these boys a "shot" this year! Thank you for your time! Ken Shane & the VVHS Boys Basketball Coaching Staff